08/11/14: You mean there’s MORE??

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This blog is for “mature” audiences.  If you are under the age of 18 – please find another blog to check out ;)

You mean there’s man91ore to life than the ‘usual’?  Hell… sign me up!

I always KNEW there was something MORE out there. I just didn’t know what it was, nor how to access it.

In 2006, an event in my life opened my eyes, my heart, and my soul, to the world.

I was no longer afraid of a broken heart, and i was no longer afraid of living. Thus began my journey in discovering MORE.

This blog details my journey as it pertains to discovering MORE about my own sexuality. The stories and ideas relate to my personal awakening on many levels.

It was like eating the same meals every day. Chicken, rice, and green beans. Then one day, someone comes along and says, “Hey! Have you ever tried salsa?” … and the flood gates opened!

Note: I’ll try to make each new entry interesting on it’s own, but honestly, i’m posting them in an order (for the most part) so you might get more out of it by reading them from earliest date to the most recent date lol.



Against the chains (Cross posted from http://www.kinkysexlink.com)

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My ass was on fire and he wouldn’t let up! But I didn’t dare let go of the chain-web I was desperately holding onto.  Just when I was considering calling red, he stopped.  He has this wonderful ability to know when I’m about to give in.  Of course,  neither of us want to do that. Neither one of us wants the ‘fun’ to end.

I relaxed my shoulders and took some long cleansing breaths as he caressed my burning cheeks with his cool hand – the same hand that had been so cruel only seconds ago.

I could tell he was reaching for something then and I knew it had to be the cane because it was the only other implement we’d brought with us.  I took some long breaths in preparation of the next onslaught of pain and reached around on the chains to find a better hand hold.  (I love not being restrained. I love having to use my will power to hold myself back from covering my ass or to keep myself from spinning around to retaliate LOL!)

It’s funny, because each time the cane strikes me for the first time in a session, I think something like, “I must be crazy”.  And by the fifth strike I KNOW I am, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Time, of course, slid by. All I knew was that my ass and thighs were on fire and he didn’t leave many spots untouched.  Then he was pressing his body against mine – pushing me into the cold chains. Comforting me while making me uncomfortable at the same time.

We had prepared the ground with a large plastic tarp and a flannel sheet before we started our scene (easy clean up) – so when he ordered me to the ground at least I had a soft place for my tender ass to rest.

“On your back.  Spread your legs.”

I did as he asked even though I was embarrassed a bit (there were people there I’d never met, and people there I knew, but who’d never seen us play before). Thankfully, he kept his body between me and most of the people watching so they would have to move around a bit to see anything ‘good’ lol (thankfully, my friends had a ‘good view’ though lol)

He switched on the Hitachi Magic Wand and pressed it against my clit. No warm up – just sudden, intense, vibration.  Within a few seconds I was close to cumming and he sensed that so he withdrew it quickly and gave me a few seconds to calm down a bit before reapplying the wand to my pussy.

He teased me like this several times before finally letting me release in a gush of fluid. But, release might not be the right word because he HELD it there – through the squirting orgasm until I was bucking all over the place and spasming into another squirting orgasm. All of which was accompanied by uncontrollable laughter. I can’t help it! It just comes out! Lol

After about 5 such instances, he finally shut the damn thing off.  I am still amazed that something that can bring me such pleasure when I’m using it alone, can cause such intenese physical and emotional reaction when he’s at it’s controls!!!

He gave me the option to cool down, but – I was ready to jump up and get back to the party, so we cleaned up the space and ourselves and moved along.   There was still so much to see and do.

I just want to …

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She’s looking at me with the same hunger that she’s looking at HIM with. Fuck, I love that! It makes me want to run to a hotel room, NOW. Fuck the rest of the party. Fuck what we had planned. Fuck what we wanted to see tonight.

I just want to see her sucking his cock…

I just want to see her hair twisted up in his hand as he uses her willing mouth…


I just want to see her tits heave as she’s on her back and he’s fingering her until she squirts….

I just want to see those amazing curves bent over in front of him as he pounds her from behind….

I just want to hear him grunt and moan as he’s getting his pleasure…

I just want to feel her nipples under my fingers and in my mouth as he’s working her over with his tongue…

I just want to feel her soft wet tongue probing my mouth, then my cunt…

I just want to feel her pussy contracting around my fingers as I bring her to orgasm…

But – we just met. And – there’s a party going on.

So – perhaps another day.

His first threesome

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The look of anticipation and excitement was written all over his face. I was excited for him too because I knew what a fantasy this had been for him all those years before we met.

The women he’d been with in the past were the type who would smack him for even looking at another woman, so you can imagine his surprise (and delight) when I told him that I’d love to have a threesome with him and a girlfriend of mine (whom he’d met and was attracted to – and better yet, she was attracted to him!).

I’d played with her and her husband in the past, as well as just with her alone, so I was already more than comfortable with her and her style…

See, a few months before this, her and I were trying to plan a get-together for my upcoming birthday when she half-jokingly suggested a threesome to celebrate the day.  The smile on my face couldn’t be mistaken for anything but GLEE!

So we started planning (because I knew he would be very ok with the idea).

Once we had most of the details of the where and when planned out, I approached him with the idea. I think he thought I was pulling his leg at first, but he quickly realized I was very serious. Then the look on his face changed from one of disbelief to one of , “Oh shit, this might actually happen!”

The night arrived and I went out to dinner with her alone – he was to pick us up afterward and head out to a bar for a bit of dancing and drinking to help the ‘mood’. Ha, we could have skipped that step and went straight to the hotel, but… we stuck to ‘The Plan”.

During dinner, I expressed to her that I was very similar to her, in terms of her comfort level when she shared her husband with me.  I am ALL about the pleasure of the night and I don’t have jealousy issues in the least (in this type of consensual situation). In other words, I told her to do what ever she wants, moan how she wants, say what she wants, because it won’t bother me in the least. I wanted to assure her that tonight was about good-times. Drama-free, sexy good-times!

Earlier in the evening, I’d had a similar conversation with him. I know from his past experiences that he was a little concerned about the potential jealousy in something like this. So I stressed in no uncertain terms that he was to do what ever he felt (within her limits) and just have a good time. I didn’t want him to ask me for permission (“can I touch her now?” etc). I didn’t want him to look to me for approval. I didn’t want him to worry in the least that I might be feeling weird.  I knew that I wouldn’t be that way and told him that in the very very remote chance that I did feel that way, I would let him know immediately.  I also told him that if she did something to him that felt amazing, that it was incredibly ok if he verbalized it (just like he does with me). AND if I noticed something that worked for him that I hadn’t done in the past, I’d ask him about it the next day… (What was it she was doing that made you moan like that? Show me LOL).

He picked us up from the restaurant and we hit a local club that I knew played hot music.. The kind that gets the blood flowing and the hips moving.  Her and I danced for a bit with him watching. Of course we played it up a bit for him, knowing that he was probably picturing us naked…  Then we invited him up to dance with us and moved around in various sensual formations. I think we were only there, dancing like this, for about an hour before all of us looked at each other a certain way  – we knew it was time to leave. We’d stuck to the plan and enough was enough. We needed to be naked, sweating, writhing. We needed it now.

We arrived at the hotel and we each took a quick turn in the bathroom to freshen up after all the dancing.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he came to stand between my legs. I put my arms around his mid-section for a hug.  She didn’t waste any time (bless her) – she stood up and pressed herself into his back, hugging him from behind. I
hid my smile into his stomach. I was so excited for him!

A minute or two of mutual caressing went by before she slid her fingers under the edge of his shirt and started lifting it slowly up over his stomach and back. As soon as I saw his skin exposed in front of me, I started kissing and licking his stomach and sides while tucking my fingers into the top of his pants as a tease for what was to come.

I looked up when I felt his midsection twist and I saw that he was reaching his head around to kiss her. Oh fuck yeah.. It was definitely going to happen.

I rested my cheek against the growing budge in his pants and rubbed my face back and forth against it, which made it worse of course….

Her hands came around to the front and she tucked her fingertips into the space behind his belt buckle and I kissed her hands, encouraging her to do what she wanted to do.

He turned around to face her after I’d given him a gentle push in that direction while I remained seated on the bed, now behind him. I watched her hands slide up over his back while they shared their first face to face kiss and I was getting wet watching their passion grow for one another.

Soon, her hands re-found his belt buckle, but I knew she was doing more than playing near it this time because I could hear the metallic sounds of her undoing it, then the slow hiss of the leather sliding through his belt loops. Then came the unmistakable sound of the zipper being drawn downward. I LOVED that she was slowing the pace of her movements, drawing this out for him. I wanted to kiss her for it – and would!

The sound he made then let me know that she’d slipped her hand into his pants to give him a little squeeze. Oh yeah, I was soaked by that point. I started to slowly wiggle his pants down a bit at a time on either side, exposing his ass to me and his cock to her. She was on her knees in front of him soon after and I rose up on my knees on the bed so that I could bite and suck his neck and ear lobes.  His body was relaxed and his breathing was getting heavier. I got up a little higher and pulled his face to mine for a deep kiss.  I could smell her perfume on his face…

I peeked around his side to see her but her long thick curly hair was obscuring my view so I gathered it in my hand and held it out of the way. Fuck, she looked so hot with his hard cock in her mouth. He seemed to agree cause he let out a moan when he looked down.

After a while we moved to more horizontal positions on the bed with him at her controls for a while and me taking one of her erect nipples into my mouth while gently teasing the other with whetted fingers. I knew how good she was feeling (he does the same things to me!) and I was trying to accentuate her experience through extra stimulation to her breasts, throat, ears, and mouth as she had done for me in the past while her husband was between my legs.

I watched her breath catch several times and her chest rising and falling with her breathing as her excitement grew. She’s much quieter than I am in bed, but I knew the signs to watch for with her and she was enjoying herself in a big way.

Suddenly her back arched up off the bed even more and she sucked in air. Once I heard the soft slushy sucking sounds, I knew that he’d pushed a couple fingers up inside of her cunt and was starting to fuck her with them. Ohhh I love that part! I looked down to him and he was looking up to watch her face so our eyes met. I smiled so big at him and he couldn’t help but smile back, but he didn’t loose his concentration.

She came, a couple times, before she reached down to lift his head and signal to him that she wanted to change things up a bit. So, he got up and she looked to me, smiling with that just-came look in her eyes. She was hungry for me! I let her flip me onto my back and she manoeuvred  herself so that her face was between my legs and her ass was up in the air.

Her expert tongue hit my clit and started working it’s tried-and-true magic. God, I love the way she licks my pussy…..

He positioned himself near her ass, off to the side a bit and started massaging her cheeks and swollen pussy-lips while she was busy with me. We locked eyes several times – I was so thrilled that everything was going so well! I was almost certain that it would… but, shit happens sometimes and you never know…

Just after she slipped her fingers into me, pulling on my g-spot, I heard the sound of a condom wrapper being undone and again, I couldn’t hide my smile. Her mouth slowed it’s movements for a second as she adjusted to feeling him inside of her and then I could feel the wax and wane in the amount of pressure she applied on me as he slowly trusted into her. It wasn’t too long before I came…

I  pulled myself out from under them so that I could step back and get a better view of this. Fuck… I was so turned on watching him fuck her like this!  I sat on the edge of the other bed, a couple feet away and pulled out my silver bullet.  I was so turned on – I HAD to cum again! Watching her take his cock as he fucked her hard – her face buried in the bed – her mess of curls all over the place – her curves – his muscles – their breathing – their moaning….  I came hard, and fast!
She pulled off of him and turned around quickly, kind of kneeling to the side a bit, to take his cock into her mouth again. This time she was being aggressive and she sure knew what she was doing. His hand twisted up some of her hair and it seemed to spur her on even more!  It wasn’t long before her was fucking her face! This was something we had not done (yet LOL) – and he was totally getting off on it! Shit, I had to cum again… it was too much!

When he came, he was almost yelling! And you couldn’t have wiped the grin on my face if you tried!!!

We all collapsed on the bed together, cuddling and caressing, and laughing, and talking about what we’d just done.

We did it again 40 minutes later.

And again before we left the room in the morning.

And again a few months later….

So, his first experience with a threesome was very positive and hot as hell.. I’m so happy for that!  And we learned something new – that he loves to   face-fuck! I’m more than happy to oblige him in that (and any other way lol) …

Ahhh – life is good, no?

2009/02/19: My 9th HNT

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Chopsticks – yet another use lol

Early on in my first days of FetLife, we dared each other to make specific photos. Someone challenged me to do something erotic with only chopsticks and a skirt. Below is the product of that dare LOL

Oh how i love that place!!

Anticipation….. Wait for it…..

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When i was a child, i loved (LOVED) jack in the boxes.

…. slowly winding that handle…. listening to the clicking and ticking, knowing that at ANY moment that damn thing would POP open and scare the hell out of me…

tick… click….. tick…… click…..POP!


Heightened senses, the tingle in my belly, the slight grin on my face…

Hmmm seems nothing much has changed all these years (thankfully).

Even before we started talking about the lifestyle, SG was quite aware of this “problem” of mine.

He’d gone to zerbert me… but instead of just pushing my head to the side and getting right to it – he approached me very slowly.. and the whole time his mouth was approaching  the tender, sensitive skin on my neck, i could already feel it – and something crawled up my spine, and into my shoulders and I start to squinch up, and i held my breath when i wasn’t laughing…. and slower STILL he moved toward that space between collar bone and behind my ear…I could HEAR his smile – he KNEW what this was doing to me… when he finally grasped my neck with his mouth and teeth i couldn’t take it! I couldn’t even breath because of laughter (or what ever the hell that was at that moment) takes over, and sucked the air out of me…

ahhh big stupid grin….

LUVS it!!!!!

Half Naked Monday!

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lol – some friends and i on FetLife have fun with photos now and then. We hunt them down and talk about the ‘best’ ones we find.   We also mimic one another’s photos now and then. Below is the most recent result of such mimicking. Check out the original in my photo section at FetLife if you get the chance – then you can see the one i ‘parodied’ as well :)


My Valentine’s Day Love Story (2009)

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I was single for the first time in – well, almost ever lol. And – DATING for the first time. Actually dating… (i’d gone from one serious thing to the next). I was fresh out of a stale 9 year relationship that ended on the second worst note that any relationship could end on (some of you know what i’m talking about).

Needless to say – i was carrying a bit of baggage. Not the the baggage ‘damaged’ me in any irrecoverable way or anything… but, the thing that happened to my (and my kids) would definitely be a weight for anyone new in my life. I’d given up on love – on the idea of love. I hadn’t entirely dismissed it mind you. I just wasn’t looking for it and would have been perfectly content if it never came along.

So there i was on a dating site (omg… me… on a dating site? I couldn’t believe it! lol) and shortly after arriving there i met this man (SG). He was kind, and considerate, and never inappropriate. He was also consistent and trustworthy and non-judgemental. He became my friend. My penpal. But i didn’t think much more at the time – maybe he was just too good of a guy (you know what i mean ladies…lol).

So five months later (after i’d gone on several unsuccessful dates – a few of which are funny stories in and of themselves!), i had a lap top for the first time. And the lap top had a web cam on it (i’d never really used one before) and i thought to myself, “Self… Who do you know that won’t try and whip his dick out in the first 20 seconds of being on a webcam?” And it hit me. SG! (of course that’s not his real name… lol)

So the next time he was online – i asked him if he’d like to talk on webcam. He said, “Sure.” So – we turned the cams on.

ME: Oh…. shit. i’m in trouble here. Big time trouble…… in a good way… and i don’t care!

HIM: (this is embarassing to say outloud, but it’s true – it’s what he thought) She’s way too hot for me… There’s no way she’s gunna be into me, so I’m just going to act like myself. I have nothing to lose.

So there’s me, being smitten already – with him picking up a little of those vibes.

And there’s him – with his non-cocky self-confidence and me picking up on those vibes… We met in person (at a StarBucks). It was supposed to be just a coffee. That turned into a walk. That turned into a dinner. And that turned into two goofy teenage like people sitting in the car at the end of the night, completely floored by each other.

He asked, “Can I kiss you?” And i said, “Yes. But… i have to say i’m a little nervous actually.” (which is COMPLETELY unlike me)

That’s when it hit HIM that i really WAS into him. The rest is history…. and present … and future.

We met online in May of 2007.
We met in person in September 2007.
We’re getting married in September 2009.